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Able Body Shop has been serving the Anchorage community for more than 40 years we employ approximately fifty people year around. We have been sponsoring a successful Internship program with the King Career Center for over 10 years.  Our management style is Democratic that borders close to the guidelines of Mentorship.  We encourage informal communication of knowledge and experience. We support dialog that builds positive relationships and we give our employees a reputation to live up to. Able Body Shop was founded on high principles and standards. We value our customers and go the extra mile to provide excellent customer service.

Since high school Ryan Cropper owner of Able Body Shop has embraced an entrepreneurial spirit; at an early age he learned the benefits of hard work and proving to himself that commitment and dedication carried value.

An Alaskan resident since 1986, at the age of 10 he started mowing lawns, which later grew into a thriving summer ventures named RC Lawns. By high school he had renamed his business Aurora Landscaping and became the employer of many of his high school class mates. His work ethic and passion was not limited to the landscaping industry, in addition his lifelong passion was auto body work. Using skills learned through auto body repair classes he found himself working on his family and friends cars, and ultimately discovered by trial and error he enjoyed the business, and he was very talented at it.

In pursuit of business success Ryan attended college in Oregon. With a thriving landscaping business, at the age of 22, Ryan was open to new adventure.

He purchased an auto body business, Able Body Shop, which had been operating since 1969. Using money from small loans and a strong work ethic he was successful in expanding Able Body Shop and has established a lucrative company that employs more than 50 Anchorage families. In 2004 Ryan purchased Total Truck Accessory Center, adding even more jobs to Anchorage residences.

Now, numerous years later Ryan has established trust and respect of his employees and has proven that he can hold a productive and meaningful place in the community; one that contributes to the growth and success of his employees  careers and personal lives. Able has a successful internship program with King Career Center which has launched many careers for students entering the collision repair industry.

Even with his busy schedule running 3 businesses Ryan carves out time to dedicate to his wife and 2 young sons as well as, fitting in a hockey game or two.

Able Body Shop, LLC, and Total Truck, LLC, are strong advocates of community involvement and participate in youth sports.

Able Body Shop is an active member of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce.


King Career Center, Leader in Internship Programs

Rhino Lining Gold Club Award

Featured in Fender Bender Magazine Youngest Successful Body Shop Owners

• Board of Directors of Diamond West Little League
• Rhino Lining Dealer Advisory Committee
• Board Member King Career Center

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