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Certification Process

Able Body Shop holds very high standards when it comes to staying ahead of the curve in the collision industry. The certification process by various Automakers is rigorous but it is essential to help ensure a proper and safe repair. Our Able Team is diverse in knowledge when it comes to older model vehicles and the new generation of advanced vehicles. The certification process is so rigorous, less than 5 percent of body shops around the nation can meet the requirements to not only become officially certified but recognized as well. The Certified network of body shops consist of only the best-in-class collision repair companies that have met and/or exceeded the strict requirements of the Certification process.

Able Body Shop feels so strongly about keeping our standards high when it comes to Certifications in collision repair, because we value our relationships with our customers. We understand when you are coming to Able Body Shop, it is not always on the most exciting terms. Stress will be put at bay when you walk into one of our three Able Body Shop locations knowing you’re in professional hands, you’re greeted by an Able team member, and your name on our welcome board!

Able Body Shop is officially recognized by AP, FCA, Ford, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Repair Capable- Ford Vehicles, Aluminum Repair Capable-Ford Vehicles, and Tesla. Being recognized by Automakers demonstrates commitment to our customers. Able Body Shop takes pride in our highly trained technicians who use the latest tools and equipment to deliver a top-quality repair and the best customer service.

To become Certified, you must meet the standards and requirements of the auto manufacturer. These requirements are critical to ensure your vehicles fit, finish, durability, value, and safety after an accident. To ensure everyone’s safety in your vehicle and proper performance after an accident, a proper repair according to the manufacture specification is even more important especially with newer model vehicles. Newer model vehicles are being introduced with lightweight high strength materials and advanced technology; this makes a proper repair crucial. Knowing all factors, we are proud to be Certified and recognized by prestigious top Automakers in our industry.